Monday, November 20, 2017

Here is another #sign I made this past week. Our favorite #nursepractitioner from our pediatrician’s office just left the practice this week after helping to build the practice for 30 years. Sadly, she is not retiring, but moving on to another practice that is too far for us to travel to. We have been going here for 11 years (ever since our daughter was still in my belly). And this NP is a wonderful lady. She is kind, very knowledgeable, super smart, patient, and has a laid-back demeanor, which was very useful in balancing the paranoia of a first time momma. 😜 Most importantly though, we credit her with saving Miracle Man’s life. When he was four weeks old, we went in for a routine check up. He was so tiny, and being a #twin there was a lot of chaos going on in the room with both boys being examined and making noises. The NP was listening to Miracle Man’s heart and thought per chance she may have heard a slight murmur. She kept listening, and listening. Finally, she looked up at me and said, “I’ll be right back!” She literally ran to get another doctor to come listen to his heart, too, to confirm what she thought she heard. The other doctor came back and agreed that it sounded like a heart murmur and the wheels were set in motion. We had a #cardiologist appointment set up, and before we knew it our little munchkin had open heart surgery at seven weeks old. When all was said and done, the renowned #pediatric #cardiology #surgeon from our area told us that Miracle Man’s heart had been 87% blocked! And we literally had no idea anything this major was going on with him. All of the symptoms he had been experiencing were also typical of late #preterm babies, which he was. So I am eternally #grateful to this NP and I wanted to wish her well on her new journey. To do so, I made this sign for her, and wrote a special note to her on the back. I had been hoping to give it to her at my daughter’s physical the other day, but the NP had already left. ☹️ Luckily, I still have contact with her and she will receive it soon, I’m sure. It will probably just be after #Thanksgiving .🤷🏼‍♀️ #blogpost #painting

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Some friends of ours had a baby boy recently and I wanted to give them something special for their nursery, so after a #Pinterest perusal and some stealth Facebook stalking of their #nursery photos, I came up with this sign. I like it so much, I’m going to make something similar for my #baby when I get the chance. 😊 It wasn’t too hard to make! I used a piece of scrap wood, which I painted gray and let dry. Then on the top surface, I painted a layer of navy. When that dried, I sanded over the top and sides to give it the rustic, worn look. Next, I designed and cut out of #vinyl the saying and owl on my #cricut . I used the negative part of the cuts to make stencils, which were placed down on the wood and painted over in gray. It took two coats to get the gray to look the way I wanted it to. And on the second coat, I lifted up the vinyl #stencils while the paint was still wet. The owl was a three step process. It required two stencils, the base of the owl being the first one in white. The second stencil went on top of the white paint after it dried so that I could add the gray details. Then when that dried, I painted the beak and talons in yellowish orange and the eyelids and lashes in navy. It was a fun #diyproject . and our friends really liked it when I gave it to them yesterday! 😊 #painting #baby #newborn #crafts #craftymom #diy #giftideas #gifts #sign #welcomebaby #babyboy #paintingismytherapy #blogpost

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

This is how I am feeling today. I haven’t been sleeping well this week. My #glucose numbers aren’t so great even though I am working super hard on controlling them with my diet. And I’ve been so alone throughout my whole pregnancy (well, with the exception of my three screaming meemies 😜). It’s very hard. I am having a difficult time getting excited about this baby. I know that in the end, I will love and adore her just as much as my other three. But with everything I’ve been going through, alone, it’s just.so.hard. Of course I know how this makes me sound. And I know how desperate other women are to have children, so there is enormous guilt associated with my admission and my feelings. And I really do believe she is a gift. I’m just being real. This is where I am at. Alone. Frightened. Worried. Sad. Angry. Exhausted. #truth #pregnancy #pregnant #advancedmaternalage #pregnantat41 #gestationaldiabetes #emotional #chronicandpregnant #fibroandpregnant #chronicillness #fibromyalgia #scleroderma #ibs #fml #depression #anxiety #blogpost #momlife #momoffour #canirunaway #wouldanyonemissme

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Today I am trying a new smoothie for breakfast that has a combination of vanilla protein powder, strawberries, almonds and almond milk, and spinach. It’s not bad. It tastes a little bit sweeter than I thought it would. But the carbs are still pretty low....close to 26 (the goal is to be below 30 for breakfasts and snacks). But this #smoothie has a lot of protein in it, too, so that helps combat or balance the effects of any carbs that are in it. For those interested, here is the #smoothierecipe : 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk 1/4 cup almonds 1 cup frozen strawberries 1/4 vanilla protein powder Handful of spinach Fill the rest of a single serve blending cup with water That’s it. Super simple and easy, but tasty and filling. So, my endocrinologist is wondering if I may actually have #type1diabetes (which, I am learning, is different than #type2diabetes in that it is an autoimmune diabetes). Typically, this is the type of diabetes that children are diagnosed with. However, it can, according to the endocrinologist, remain dormant in your system until it is triggered and then can be a diagnosed as late as even 60 years of age. Once all is said and done and the baby is born, they usually test a patient with gestational diabetes for two months after the pregnancy to see if the blood sugars return to normal. So I will be doing all of that, but once that postpartum period is over, she is going to look into whether or not I have type one diabetes, as well. Long story short: I might as well embrace this as a new lifestyle, rather than just a temporary change. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #chronicillness #chronicandpregnant #diabetesawareness #diabetesawarenessmonth #diabetesawarenessday #gestationaldiabetes #pregnancy #pregnancyproblems #advancedmaternalage #fibroandpregnancy #fibromyalgia #momlife #spoonie #blogpost #momof4 #pregnantat41

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Today’s breakfast (brought to you on a Christmas kitty plate), consists of 1/2 of a whole wheat sandwich thin, 1 tablespoon or all natural peanut butter, and 1/2 of an avocado. Coming in at around 20g of carbohydrates, but with plenty of protein and healthy fats to satisfy the appetite, this breakfast is an interesting combination. The avocado actually helps cleanse the palate a smidgen in between bites of the peanut butter, but I long for a fresh glass of orange juice. But whaddya gonna do? 🤷🏼‍♀️ It turns out that the #gestationaldiabetes diet didn’t work too well for me, so I am now on the #insulin shots. But the diet remains in place . I’m getting a little bit bored of my regular meals, so I’m starting to switch it up a bit, trying new recipes and combinations of foods...measuring and counting every #carbohydrate along the way. The finger pricking is going alright...it’s starting to feel a bit more painful than it initially did (probably due to the frequency of irritation on my fingers??). I do test different fingers each time, and never stick myself in the same spots. So I wonder if the #fibromyalgia is causing the sensitivity, or if it’s just the way it is. Does anyone have any insight on that? TIA I hope you all have a great day! 🌞 #blogpost #preggers #pregnant #pregnantat41 #advancedmaternalage #fibroandpregnancy #fibrosucks #diabetesawareness #diabetesawarenessmonth #manageyoursugar #momlife #chronicandpregnant #chronicillness

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