Thursday, July 20, 2017

Now that the surgery is over and we can move past it, my boys have a little (well, okay...maybe BIG) something that they would like to share with the world. In January of next year, they will become big brothers to a sweet little baby sister! We just shared the news with them this past weekend, and just found out about the baby's sex today. They are incredibly excited to become big brothers! Although we had thought our family was complete, apparently there was a larger plan for us. This little baby is 100% A miracle! There is no other way to describe how she came about being. With all that we have going on in our lives with Miracle Man and my health issues, there have definitely been positive and negative emotions about this #Pregnancy, but we are excited about having a new little bundle of sweet smelling #baby to cuddle with! We are thrilled she will be a girl to even out our family...2 girls and 2 boys!! Being of advanced maternal age, I was expected to get genetic testing, which is why we know today that it's a girl. The testing also showed us that there was an indication that she could possibly have #trisomyx Syndrome. Naturally, that is frightening, but I am learning a little bit about it now and the odds are in our favor that she could have little to no symptoms at all. Of course, now I will have to go through genetic counseling, as well. Nobody wants to hear that on the other end of the phone call. But we will figure it out just like we have every other challenge that has been presented to us. #mommylife #momlife #pregnant #pregnancy #preggers #specialneedsmom #specialneeds #family #lovemyfamily #familyadventures #familyofsix #nowwehaveabrood #largefamily #yikes4tikes #chronicillness #fibro #spoonie #twinsplustwo #advancedmaternalage #geneticcounseling #genetics #worriedmom #trisomyxsyndrome #blogpost

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