Saturday, July 1, 2017

So I was really rave today!! I took the kids fishing at the lake this morning. 😀We tried to make it in time for the fishing derby, but we were two hours late. 😜 no matter...we still went and had a blast! Miracle Man caught the first fish. It was really small and before I could get a pic, it jumped out of the net (that was on the ground) and back into the lake. My daughter caught the next one. It was much bigger, but it came off the hook, at which point I was shrieking, and then it flipped and flopped on the ground enough to get back in the lake before I could get another pic!! I caught two fish next, which was pretty exciting, too. I did get pics of my two fish, which you can see here. The second was pretty tough to reel in. My arms were so fatigued afterward!! I can't imagine trying to reel in a really big fish!! Poor Chub-Chub. He didn't catch anything. 😔 but he came really close on a couple of nibbles that he almost hooked. He was the most persistent of the kids and left feeling disappointed, but I'm going to take him again in the next couple of days. What an #adventure it was!! We must've looked like the three stooges at first...it was definitely comical to say the least! Where's the net???? Grab the net!!! Wait don't do anything!!! I NEED MY PHONE TO TAKE A PIC!!! oh noooo!! He jumped back in the lake!!! YELP!!! You caught one, Little Miss!!! Get the net!!! Yiiiiiiiikkes!!!Okay wait...let me get my phone!!!! How do I get the hook out??? Wait...I need the gloves first! How do I use all of these tools?? The fish is dying, mommy!! Put it in the water for a minute!!! We are KILLING the fish!!! Get the hook out!!! I can't!! It won't come out!!!.......Excuse me, sir...can you please help us get the hook out? (Naturally he laughed) We did it, though!! Caught four #fish and released them! #childhoodunplugged #adventuretime #nature #momlife #mommylife #camping #seasonalcamp #fishing #fishingwithkids #family #familyfun #familyadventures #wecaughtafish #lakelife #summer #vacationtime #vacationmode #berkshires #blogpost

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