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For quick, out-and-about errands...basically the doctor's office because most other errands are nearly impossible at this point, I use a Baby Trend Double Snap N Go Stroller.  I like it because I can just pop their car seats right in it and don't have to wake them up or unbuckle them from their car seats first.  I also enjoy the extra large basket, which I have had very filled a few times already.  One thing I do not like about the basket is that it is very difficult to access once both car seats are strapped in.  Another thing I am not crazy about is maneuverability.  This thing is Hard to push around...especially when trying to turn or navigate through doorways.  It is so long that, unless you back up into the door to open it, you cannot reach the door very well.  And once it is opened, it can be tricky, whether going forwards or backwards, to get the whole stroller through the door without it smacking into the stroller and the boys.  Still, you can definitely put up with those complaints for a short period of time.  I still recommend this stroller for the first 6 months to a year, depending on how long your twins fit in their infant car seats (and how long you can lift them and their car seats together).

Baby Trend Double Snap N Go Stroller - Baby Trend  - Babies"R"Us

The "limousine" I have for the Twins is my Bumbleride Indie Twin stroller in Jet.  I did purchase the two carrycots, which made this a very costly investment.  However, I feel like I have already gotten a TON of use out of the carrycots and the stroller. 

2011 Bumbleride Indie Twin Jet picture 2011 Bumbleride Indie Twin Carrycot Jet picture

This stroller is amazing!  It actually makes me smile so much!  Before purchasing the Bumbleride Indie Twin, I did a ton of research.  I wanted to make sure that whatever twin stroller I purchased, I would not need to buy another one at a later date.  It took me about 7 months to finally decide on this stroller.  The price tag was the biggest hindrance to my decision.  I did not want to spend anywhere close to that amount.  However, I rationalized it this way:  With Little Miss, I ended up purchasing two regular strollers (the second to replace the first one that didn't steer very well), a jogging stroller, and an umbrella stroller.  Considering this, if I could purchase just one stroller for the twins, I would actually save money.  And so far, I feel this stroller has everything I wanted in a twin stroller (with the exception of being able to snap in my two car seats at once, but I have the Snap N Go for that purpose right now).

The Bumbleride Indie Twin, is a sturdy, quality stroller.  I chose the Jet color because it is one of their Movement Edition strollers, where the canopy has an SPF of 45 and the fabric is water resistant to help keep our twins dry, even if I get caught out in the rain with them.  I have used it in all kinds of weather already, including a light drizzle, a light snow, and very cold weather.  I was able to easily use it in the cold because the carrycots do a great job of keeping the cold out.  I simply bundle the boys up and wrap a cozy warm blanket around them, then zip up the carrycot liners and they are completely fine.

The Indie Twin has a generous canopy, and a sturdy back rest.  The back rest can be adjusted to lay nearly flat.  My stroller is currently in that position permanently to accommodate the carrycots.  The canopy has another great feature...the peek-a-boo window.  As we begin to use the stroller without the carrycots, this feature will be helpful when we have the canopy up over the babies' heads.

The Bumbleride also has adjustable footrests, which are one of my favorite features.  Although I am not really using them right now, I know they will come in handy in the future, based on my experiences with my daughter in the Maclaren Quest that we had for her.  Whenever she would fall asleep in that stroller, we would adjust the foot rest for her to be more comfortable. 

The Bumbleride Indie Twin has 12" air-inflated tires and is easy to steer anywhere. And because it is an all-terrain stroller, I can take it on pavement, uneven sidewalks, across bumpy rocks and grass, as well as in a little bit of snow all very easily.

Despite how large it is and looks, I have also been able to get it through all doorways so far.  The only thing is that it is a tight squeeze.  And if you have the drink holder popped onto the side pin, you may have to take it off before going through some doors.  I have had difficulty popping the drink holder off a few times and would really like to get the parent tray that the company has supposedly made.   I have not yet seen it available for sale, but I also haven't looked around again for it in about a month or so.  The new parent tray is supposed to strap across the handle so that everything will be contained within the stroller's frame.  I would love that...especially for those tight squeezes through some doorways! 

I also like that the handlebar is height adjustable.  This is a great feature for our family, considering that my husband is taller than I am.  So he can have the handlebar at the height that works best for him, and I can do the same.

Another bonus feature about this stroller is the basket underneath.  I have plenty of room to store whatever I need for the twins, Little Miss, and myself!  It is also fairly easy to access.  With the carrycots on the stroller, you do have to squat down to reach some things, but you can definitely get things in and out of it, without a problem.

When we first brought the boys home from the hospital, we used the carrycots a lot as actual bassinets.  They used to be so small that we could actually fit them both in one of the carrycots and they would snuggle together for naps.  Now they are too big, but I do use the carrycots a lot still because they typically fall asleep when I go for a walk with them and I like that it keeps them bundled up in the winter.

I have also taken the boys for a slow, short run in this stroller.  I just snapped the carrycots in, loaded the boys up, locked the front wheels so that they couldn't swivel anymore, and took off.  As far as a jogging stroller is concerned, I am happy with it.  However, the boys are already getting heavy enough between the two of them that I really can't see myself using running with them often.  I also have a ton of very steep and long hills in my new neighborhood, which definitely deters me from running with the twins.

With my daughter, I had a BOB Ironman stroller, which I took out for up to 12 miles at a time.  I loved it!  

2011 BOB Ironman Stroller - Navy (ST1007)

With twins, though, that is just not as realistic for me. I will be training on my treadmill more often this time and/or finding times when Prince Charming is home.

Lastly, this stroller is very attractive...people are always stopping me to tell me they love my Bumbleride Indie Twin stroller, and so far, I do too!! 

****Update:  There is a recall on the Bumbleride Indie Twin.  For more information, head to Bumbleride's website at this link.  I recently checked my stroller and found that it is part of the recall.  I contacted Bumbleride and they are sending me out replacement wheels immediately.  In the meantime, the company recommends not using the stroller at all.  Once I recieve my replacement wheels and put them on the stroller, I will update this review again.****


Moby Wrap
I have a Moby Wrap that I purchased specifically to carry the twins around in.  It is just the regular wrap...not made for twins.  However, I found a website that showed me how to use the wrap to hold both babies at once.  This is a great website with step-by-step instructions on how to use your Moby Wrap.

For the record, the Moby Wrap company does not recommend or endorse this idea of using the wrap to hold twins.  And, quite frankly, I can see why.  I was able to wrap the material correctly and put both babies in at once.  However, I found that they were so squished in there, that it was almost impossible for me to feel comfortable that they were breathing easily.  I had preemies, so they were tiny and they could not hold their heads up by themselves at the time.  Being too nervous about it, I abandoned the idea of carrying them both at once. 

Now that they are older, Chub-Chub can hold his head up very well.  Miracle Man is doing much better, but he isn't quite doing it all of the time.  At this point, though, I would not even attempt to put them both in the wrap at the same time just due to their weights.  Not having enough back support in the wrap to hold up two babies would be the problem with it now. 

In all, I do like the Moby Wrap and would consider using it for just one baby at a time.  However, I also have an Ergo Carrier, which I find much easier to put on...especially when a baby is being fussy...and needs to be held right now!  It can take a few minutes to put wrap the Moby around your body correctly, and that can get a bit frustrating when babies are screaming.  But, if they are calm and you just want to carry one around for a while, the Moby is a good wrap.

With Little Miss, we had registered (and received) the Baby Bjorn Sport Carrier.  I like that carrier, too.  But my go-to carrier is definitely the Ergo.  It is comfortable and easy to put on in a hurry. 

Ergobaby Baby Carrier

I have the Organic Baby Carrier in Dark Chocolate, as pictured below.  I love this carrier.  I have used it to carry one of the twins around when they want to snuggle or when they are cranky and need to go to sleep but are having a hard time actually getting to sleep.  When we were in the hospital with Miracle Man, it became a lifesaver with Chub-Chub.  The lights in the hospital are so bright that even when we had him in our single stroller with the canopy over him, he would stay awake and get fussy.  When I wore him in my Ergobaby, though, he settled down and slept (as long as I was carrying him, that is).  There are many things about the Ergobaby that make it very versatile for a parent. 

For one thing, you can change the way the straps connect together to make it a front carrier, a back carrier, or a hip carrier.  This carrier also has a hood that goes up over the baby's head and snaps onto your shoulder strap, which is particularly useful for helping to keep baby's head still, but it also serves as a light-blocker...a great advantage for a sleeping baby!!!  Another feature that I like is the pocket on the front of the carrier.  It is pretty roomy and has a zipper, so you can put things in it that you don't want to carry and they will not fall out!  I typically use this pocket for things like keys or money when I am out and about with the boys. 

Speaking of being out and about with the boys, I usually pop this carrier in the bottom of my stroller whenever I am out with them...just in case.  It has come in handy many times so far!  It helps me with the twins, in particular, because I can hold one hands-free and still be able to tend to the other baby or my daughter, or perform simple tasks like putting things back in the car or signing a credit card slip. 

When using my Ergobaby in the front hold, it is quite easy to get on.  I have all of my straps set up for me and at this point I can just slip the carrier over my head before I put one of the boys in.  Once it is on, I simply tighten any of the buckles that need tightening and then insert the baby!  You have to be careful doing this, as it can feel a little tricky/dangerous while you are putting the baby in the carrier, but once they are in, they are snug as a bug in a rug! 

With Miracle Man, I also use the infant insert accessory that I purchased separately when I bought my carrier.  Mine is a couple of years old because I bought it to carry Little Miss in, so the infant insert looks a little different than the one on the Ergobaby website now.  It looks like they have updated it and possibly worked out some of the kinks.  I like the infant insert, but it is a little tricky to position properly the first few times you use it.  Now, it is really no big deal at all, though, and I use it frequently with Miracle Man because he doesn't have as good of head control as Chub-Chub does. 

So far with the twins, I have really only used this as a front carrier, due to their size and muscle maturity.  However, I have used it to give Little Miss a piggyback ride, as well.  What I like about this feature is that you can carry your child piggyback...without using your hands!!  Again, I can't say enough about having your hands free when carrying babies/children.  It is awesome!!  Using the Ergobaby as a back carrier is a little more challenging than using it as a front carrier.  It is really helpful to have another person around to put the child in or take the child out of the carrier.  It is possible to do it by yourself, but I would only recommend that if you are sitting on a couch or something soft and your baby is really at least a toddler or preschooler.  The hood comes in handy, again, in the back position and can hold your child's head up against your back for resting/napping.  In the back position, the pocket is difficult to reach, but that would be expected.  In all, I like using the Ergobaby as a back carrier, but I am much more comfortable with using it as a front carrier for safety reasons.  As the boys grow, if I feel differently about this, I will update my review.

I have not yet used my Ergobaby in the side position, but as soon as I do, I will review that on here, as well.


I have the BabyBjorn Active baby carrier, as pictured below.  I like it a lot, but it isn't my favorite of the carriers that I have.  What I like about it is that it is fairly easy to put on and take off.  It is also pretty comfortable.  There is a strap that gives you extra back support.  It is adjustable so that as the baby grows, it gets bigger to accommodate her/him.  When your baby is first born, you can have her/him in the carrier, facing you.  As your baby grows, you can have her/him face the world. 

I also like the sporty look.  When I purchased this carrier, I did also purchase the cover for the carrier.  I really like the cover a lot.  It securely attaches to the carrier and keeps your baby warm and dry.  I love to be outdoors and this accessory has helped me to be able to continue to go outdoors, even with a baby.  I do not, unfortunately, have the weather cover for the Ergobaby carrier, so I find that if I am headed outside when it is chilly, I typically grab for my BabyBjorn carrier and cover.

Overall, I am happy with this carrier.  The biggest drawback to it is that you cannot use it on your back or on your hip like the Ergobaby carrier.  The BabyBjorn is only meant to wear baby in the front of you. 

Cover for Baby Carrier - Grey

Nursing Pillow

My Brest Friend Twins Plus Deluxe Nursing Pillow

I am very happy with this nursing pillow.  It has been great for nursing twins.  I will list the things I like about it:
  • The fabric is very soft and easily removable/washable
  • The foam in it is tall, which helps bring the babies up to you, rather than leaning over the babies...but you will still need additional pillows when your twins are newborns
  • The foam is sturdy enough to support a lot of weight
  • It is a large pillow, with plenty of room for two small babies
  • It worked very well with the tandem football hold
  • You can strap it on around your waist
  • The back support is helpful...but you will still need a pillow behind your back
  • I LOVE the pocket.  My pillow has only one pocket, unlike the picture below, but it is very roomy.  I used it to hold my water bottle, snacks, my iPhone, a pair of nail clippers (to take advantage of quiet/sleeping babies and groom them)

One thing I didn't like about this nursing pillow was that, over time, the small pillow that gives you back support became pretty squished.  Eventually, I felt like it was not supportive for my back and stopped using it.  I was still able to use the nursing pillow at that point, but it was harder to keep the pillow snug against my body while the boys were nursing, squirming around.  Another drawback to this pillow, though I think it would be a drawback to ANY twin nursing pillow, is its size.  It's great that it is big enough to hold the twins at the same time, but it is also pretty wide.  In fact, it was so wide, that I had a harder time nursing in my rocker/recliner because it was difficult to fit it in my chair, between the arms of the chair.  I definitely feel like the company could remove some of the space where your body fits in, in order to slim down the pillow enough that it would fit in a chair better.  I feel they could do this without compromising the amount of space for the babies.  The last negative for this nursing pillow is the cost.  I felt like $78 was very pricey for some foam and fabric.  I would have gladly paid around $50 for it and not batted an eyelash.  However, $78 plus tax and shipping makes it almost $100 for a pillow that only lasted me a few months.

Despite the cons listed above, I was a very happy customer and would recommend this nursing pillow.  For me, it was invaluable during the time I used it.  I just wish I could have used it longer, considering the price of it.

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