Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Top 10 Reasons Why My Kids' Bedtime is AWESOME!

Now, don't get me wrong.  I love my children dearly .  I love to spend time with them, cuddle with them, read with them, and sing with them.  I love playing with them, being silly with them, and taking care of them.  But there is nothing, no  nothing , as exciting as when the clock turns to the bedtime hour!  In fact, all throughout the bedtime routine, I      hold.my.breath     in anticipation for when my sweet kiddles will lay their heads down and fall fast asleep (because that is EXACTLY what happens!   EVERY.     SINGLE.     TIME.  Ha !   Yeah  Right ! )  While I do enjoy their love and companionship, I am all too happy for the day to be over and bedtime to begin.  Here are the reasons why I think bedtime is...AWESOME:
10.  A sleeping child is one who cannot find a box of cereal and pour it all over the floor.  During those precious 10-11 hours, there will be NO Cheerios s.m.u.s.h.e.d. into the carpet, no Kix rolling around on top of the furniture.  There will not be any  empty bags carelessly thrown next to the giant pile of what used  to be a brand  new  box  of many future breakfasts.  And there certainly will not  be a trail of cereal left from the kitchen, through the living room, and all the way up to the front door.  It just can't  happen while they slumber!

  9.  Their sweet, angelic  faces look so relaxed and innocent.  They show absolutely no  resemblance to the screeching, screaming banshees that ran around temper-tantruming, refusing to have their diapers changed, their teeth brushed, and their pajamas put on...only moments  beforehand.  Seeing those precious visages completely unencumbered by s.t.r.e.s.s., angst, or she-devil expressions makes my heart melt  again and reminds me of how much I love them.  It also reminds me that they really  are  members of the human species.

8.  Somehow, in the quietude of children fast asleep, there are no arguments, shouts, or cries for, "Mooooommmmmmmmeeeeeeeee! He's looking at meeeeeeee!"  or  "Mommmmmmmaaaaaaaaaa!  Get him ooooouuuuut of my rooooooooommmmm!"  It's nothing short of a miracle.

7.  A child who is dreaming, cannot possibly talk back, whine, or  complain  about ANYTHING.  Which means that I will not hear about how terrible I am for forgetting to NOT  cut the peanut butter and jelly sandwich (despite the fact that all other sandwiches require cutting).  Nor will I hear any teeny pipsqueak voice whining because I asked them to clean their room...for the bazillionth time...in the span of 20 minutes.  And I certainly won't have to endure screams of, "Me no LIKE that!"  upon being served a meal that was specifically requested by that child.

6.  Anyone who has children (especially young children) can agree that when they are asleep, one might finally get a chance to THINK, since all of the c.o.m.m.o.t.i.o.n has finally died down.  Now, that doesn't necessarily mean that you will, or that your brain has the capacity to actually  process  anything any more.  Merely, it means that should you choose to attempt  to think about something, you would finally have the peace and quiet to be able to do so.  (If you are not ready to collapse in a heap of exhaustion, that is.)  Good luck with that.  Still, the peace and quiet is definitely something to look forward to! 

5.  The dogs and cats can rest without  being on hyper-alert.  No tails are being yanked, no ears being pulled, and nobody  is climbing on top of them.  Which also means, that do not have to repeatedly remind the children, "Be gentle.  Don't pull the doggie's tail!  Doggie doesn't like when you climb on him!  Do you hear him growling?  That means he does not want you to poke him with that fork!" Nope, with the kiddles fast asleep, our beloved pets are safe from the torture of our three kiddles.  And I, for one, am relieved for them.


4.   When all of my children are actually  asleep, it is not necessary for me to repeat my mantra, "Poopy is not playdough.  Poopy is not playdough.  Poopy is not playdough.  Poopy is not playdough!"  Because sleeping kids...truly    sleeping    kids...do not  take their diapers off.  They do not  play with their poop.  They do not s m e a r it all  over  their cribs.  They do not use it as body paint.  And they do not stuff  it inside of toys!  Nor do sleeping children walk up to me with a handful of number two and report, "Pooooppppeeeeeee, Momma!"   "Yes, dear.  I can see that."            It's a fact.  Sleeping  children do not play with their poop.

3.  Snack time.  Every once in a while, I get myself a special treat or snack food that I do  not  intend to share.  Bedtime is the perfect time to indulge in my sweet or savory treat.........without  the jealous eyes or drooling mouths of my loves desperately begging for some from me.  At this point in the day, I don't have to sneak off into another room in hopes of...not  getting  caught .  I can sit right in the living room, on my comfy, cozy couch and savor each bite (or sip).  I don't have to worry that the c.r.i.n.k.l.e of the package will send the greedy vultures out on a desperate  hunt, in search of that telltale sound of junk food. It's all mine ! Mine! Mine!  None for you!   Ha.Ha.Ha.

2.  There is no "Super Why," "Cars," or "Chuck" playing on repeat.repeat.repeat.repeat.repeat on the TV.  Being able to watch a grown-up  television show by myself, without interruption is Amazing!  I won't hear, "Momma, drink please." or "Momma, eeeeaaaat-eeeeaaat!" There is no, "But IIIIIIIIII don't waaaaannnnnnnnaaaaa waaaaatch thaaaaaat!"        And Bonus:  I also don't have to listen to silly, but catchy  kids songs that I won't be able to get.out.of.my.head for 2 hours! Yippeee! 

 1.  And here's my number one reason why bedtime is so AWESOME:  Bedtime means that sometime soon, in the wee hours of the middle of the night, one (or all) of my kiddles will come in for their midnight snuggles.  Because they need  me  and they love  me .  And that is a precious gift.  Even if I don't wake up when they come in, I know they are there.  (Reason number one is that I am constantly being awoken by a firm kick in the head or an elbow jab in my leg.)  But, too (and two), I can feel  their presence and I feel their warmth.  And the best part is that I will wake up next to my little loves, knowing  that I am the center of their universe...if only for a moment.

Well, there you have it, my latest Top 10!  What's your favorite part of your kids' bedtime?  Feel free to leave a comment below!

Wishing it were bedtime now,

Marathon Momma

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