Friday, January 20, 2017

This is me laying on the couch...all evening. I went out last night with my little sister and then I had a hard time this morning getting up and getting the kids out the door to school. Once they were gone, I napped all morning until I had to leave to get groceries...which I needed to accomplish before volunteering in my son's classroom for the afternoon. I normally enjoy going in to help out. It was so hard to be there today, though. I was practically ready to fall asleep while I was playing a cute math game with my center-time groups. After I finished up there, I came home and I had to unload the groceries from my car. I was too tired to do it right away, so I rested on the couch until the kids got home a half-hour or so later. I had them help me bring the groceries in and Chub-Chub helped put away a lot of it. But our freezer was nearly empty and it was disgusting! I had to clean it out while it was empty. And I couldn't put any new food in there with all of the crap that had spilled in there. (My kids are "really good" at putting away opened bags of frozen food!) ๐Ÿ˜œThey also like to put random things in the freezer that haven't even been wrapped up, which inevitably spill all over the place! ๐Ÿ™„I had such a hard time finishing that job, but luckily my mother's helper was here by now and she put the rest of the groceries away for me! I normally try not to do too much in one day like this. But we desperately needed the groceries, so I just had to go get them. Because life. I'm completely wiped out. I haven't even moved in 3.5 hours! #spoonie #spoonielife #fibro

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