Wednesday, April 19, 2017

How to be a Fabulous Mom of a Tween in 5 Easy Steps

So you have a tween now, huh?  Tweens can be tough to deal with and to please, for sure! And figuring out your best parenting strategies for this age group can be quite challenging.  But don't worry!  I'm here to help you navigate this stage with grace...and love.  I've compiled a list of 5 easy steps to assist you.  Take note and be sure to share them with your friends and family so that they're on the same page as you!

Step 1:  Make sure to have your tween clean.  All.the.time.  Clean their bedrooms, clean their bodies, clean the bathroom, the living room, the kitchen, etc.  Because we all know just how much they love to clean.  And we definitely do NOT want to deprive them of this pure joy in life.  Give them every opportunity to help out around the house that you can.  They will LOVE you for it!

Step 2:  When they are not cleaning (but the house is SPOTLESS), allow them to have their friends over.  Then teach them how to dance...your style!  This is especially important for the tween and teen children in your household, as they love being taught new things by their parents.  And, let's face it, you've got the moves!  So why not let them share the experience with their friends!?!?!

Step 3:  If your home can easily pass the white-glove test, and their friends are not available for dance lessons, plop them right down in front of the TV (but make sure the remote's batteries are dead first).  Then perform a concert for their listening pleasure.  And do NOT let them do anything else.  I mean, you certainly don't want them to use any of their valuable cleaning energy, do you?!?!  Besides, actually watching TV turns them into lackluster zombies.  And, you can't have them zoning out while you're singing your favorite songs for their entertainment, amiright?!

Step 4:  Take them shopping!  But...be sure to wear your comfiest clothes (like maybe the ones that you typically wear around the house while cleaning--because they feel so great!).  Don't worry if they're stained or mismatched...after all, the shopping trip is all about them, not you!  And why should you have to suffer in uncomfortable clothes while they're picking out the trendiest of outfits?!

Step 5:  Try super hard to be the "cool" mom...especially in public!  You want your children and their friends, heck--the whole world! to know how awesome you are at dabbing and that you are always on fleek (whatever the heck that means, anyway).  Another super easy way to show your coolness factor is to display your enduring love for them...ALWAYS!  Hug them, give them kisses on top of their head, hold their hand...Especially while at the mall. This will ensure that they will fully understand and appreciate your fabulous mom power!

Well, there you have it!  The 5 easiest steps to being a fabulous mom to a tween!  I hope you found these tips useful!  Do you have any other great tips for parents of tweens?  Comment below!

Knowingly yours,
Marathon Momma

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