Monday, November 18, 2013


The last time I wrote about my lovely little kiddles, my twin monkeys were not even 6 months old!  It is hard to believe that they are over 2 now.  Some days I feel like, "Phew!  I MADE it!"  And other days, I wonder if I can maintain my sanity through the evening to bed time.  Man, do I love  bed time!  It's the whole-getting-them-up-from-nap-to-avoiding-tantrums-and-injuries-to-dinner-and-bath-and-jammies-and-will-you-just-come-here-so-I-can-brush-your-teeth part I am not so crazy about!  Especially now that they are getting So Big! And by Big, I also mean Strong.  And by Strong, I also mean "Yikes!  I can barely hold you still enough to change your poopy diaper without you squirming away and wiping that poopy all over the carpet (because you are WAY too strong and tall to use the changing table anymore)!"  Sometimes it is an all-out wrestling match reminiscent of the days of the old WWF matches between Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin just to get the clean diaper back on.  But, hey!  At least I am getting some upper body strength training in, right?

Anyway, so I have these 2 lovely boys, Chub-Chub and Miracle Man.  And Chub-Chub is doing pretty well overall.  He has recently tumbled head-first into the temper-tantruming, tyrant-like, terrible twos...but overall, he is doing fine.  And he truly is a sweet boy.  He loves to help his momma, often trying to sweep the floor with the broom that is twice as big as him.  And, not realizing how to or what  the actual purpose of sweeping is, the crumbs actually get spread much farther apart than they originally were.  But he loves to do it, and I welcome his help with open arms.  I figure that if I can encourage it now, while he is interested in cleaning and picking up, then later on, it is going to be a sure-fire WIN for me (well, as long as he learns the proper ways of cleaning, that is)!  Chub-Chub is also a loving and caring cuddle-bug.  Aside from playing with his cars or running around the house growling and pretending that he is a monster, zombie, dinosaur, bear, or other animal-of-the-moment-that-growls, his favorite past-time is climbing up in the recliner with me and a blanket to snuggle in for a good story or movie.  He is definitely a "momma-boy", as my daughter used to call him when she didn't know how to say it correctly.  And I simply adore Chub-Chub for his rip-roaring, tackle-every-single-person-or-animal-I-see, knock-everything-in-my-path-or-heck-even-if-it's-not-in-my-path-over, I-am-all-BOY-but-I-love-my-momma personality. That's Chub-Chub in a nutshell!

Here is a pic of when he was a newborn...

And here he is now...my big guy!  

My next post will be about my little Miracle Man.  So, stay tuned!

Have a great day!



  1. OMG he looks so much like his sister!!!

    1. Yes, he really does! When I look at old baby pictures of her and baby pictures of him, they could have been the twins!


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