Friday, November 22, 2013

The Top Ten Best Things About Having Twin Toddlers

Typically when I am out and about running errands with the kids, tons of people are drawn-in by the sight of my twins.  There pretty much isn't  an outing that goes by without hearing the usual, "You've got your hands full!" or "Oh, you've got double-trouble ," or "I don't know how  you do it."  Sure, there are plenty of other things people say and ask, but if I had a nickel  for every time someone said one of these "twin catch-phrases" to me, I would be able to buy a brand-spanking-new...book!  Hey, what can I say???  It's inflation!  Anyhow, over the past two and a half years, I have also had many different people ask me what it is like to raise twins.  So, for all of those inquiring-minds-that-want-to-know, here it is in a nutshell!

Having twins is a crazy, all-consuming, over-the-top experience.  But it is also absolutely  wonderful Here are my top ten favorite things about having my twins...so far:

1.  They have two totally different personalities that I get to experience.  Miracle Man is sweet  and very laid-back (unless he needs  something...and then, oh  boy Watch.Out.World!)  Chub-Chub is FUN and s.i.l.l.y., and a real rough-and-tumble kinda guy.  But he is also so loving and he needs  me.

2.  I personally love  to be silly and laugh, and with twin toddlers on my hands, it means double the silliness AND double the laughter!

3.  There is twice as much love to give and receive!  I just love when they come over to me just  to give me a hug, a kiss, or to snuggle.  I am very lucky to be able to have twice  as many hugs as most people!

4.  I have been accused of being a "clothes horse" in the past, so...naturally , going out in public with my children is much  more fun when they are wearing a-dor-able outfits...and having twins  means that I get to dress up two little critters!  And, yes, Sometimes I do dress them alike...I think it's cute!  And besides , while they're still young, I can! :)

5.  Most of the people who are in our lives have become more involved in our family.  I love that!  And I totally  credit the twins with bringing our family and friends closer to Prince Charming and I.

6.  I love when they play together.  It isn't very often, but when they are running around, giggling, and being silly together or tackling each other, I think it is  just  so  great !

7.  They have recently started to notice each other's absence and miss one another.  For instance, when Miracle Man is at his school every day, Chub-Chub cannot  WAIT to go pick him up to bring him home!  And the whole  time that we are walking from the car into the school, Chub-Chub repeats Miracle Man's name over and over, and over...and  over ...until........at last!......they see each other and Chub-Chub gives Miracle Man a giant hug! Can you say Adorable?? 


8.  It warms my heart to see the boys looking out for each other.  Right now, it is mostly Chub-Chub who comforts or helps Miracle Man, but in time, I am sure  I will get to see the reverse more often!  Still, it is very  sweet  to see Chub-Chub loving-up his twinnie all the time.

9.  Bathtime.  It is far  more entertaining to bathe two little guys at the same time, rather than just one!  Oh, the shrieking !  Oh, the giggles!  Oh, the splashes! 

10. Sometimes they like to feed each other.  It is downright hilarious !  They take turns putting something in the other one's mouth and s.q.u.e.a.l.i.n.g. with delight !  Luckily for me, right now they are still aiming for each other's mouths...even if it doesn't quite  make it in there!

So there you have it...a glimpse into the life of a twin momma...in all it's splendor!  And yes, you can be sure  there will be a sequel to this post!  

Do any other twin mommas have anything else they would like to add?  Tell me what you like best about having your own twins in the comments section below!

Yours in twindom,


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