Friday, August 11, 2017

Exhausted beyond exhausted. My quest to accomplish all of the housework remains at the FAIL level, and yet my body is COMPLETELY beat. I feel like I've fallen and I can't get up. Last night, my daughter and I had a girls' night, which she has wanted all summer. I was completely out of energy, though. So we watched a movie at home after grabbing some takeout...and then I just passed out. I was able to make it almost to the end, but I did miss the last 20 minutes or so. What ended up waking me up after the movie ended was my restless leg syndrome. It's been driving me nuts lately, and waking me up all night long. There's nothing that says deep sleep quite like your legs jerking around uncontrollably. 😳😜😭After settling back down and going to sleep again, I woke up from round ligament pain while I was tossing and turning. The round ligament pain with this pregnancy is excruciating. And it started at the very beginning of the pregnancy. I'm thinking that carrying my #twin boys stretched it out so badly that that's why I'm experiencing it so drastically this time?! It does help to use a belly band or other supportive device throughout the day, but by bedtime, I just want to take it off. It's kind of like getting home after a long day and wanting to take your bra off! I have to get one of those pregnancy pillow thingies for seeping. I've been using a Boppy the last couple of nights to support the belly, and that has been helpful, but it is definitely not ideal. I need good, quality sleep so badly!!! 😩 #preggers #pregnant #pregnancy #pregnantlife #pregnancyproblems #pregnantbelly #pregnancyjournal #pregnancypillow #blogpost #complaints #advancedmaternalage #fibromyalgia #fibroandpregnancy #fibrosucks #momlife #mommylife #girlsnightin #girlsnight #mommyanddaughter #momdaughterdate #roundligamentpain #restlesslegsyndrome #restlesslegs #restlesslegssyndrome #fibro

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