Monday, January 9, 2012

An Adventure on The Planet of Poopy

Chub-Chub and Miracle Man are still pretty sick, which is expected considering they have this RSV thing.  So when Miracle Man woke up to eat around 6 am today and he felt like he was burning hot to me, I knew I needed to take his temperature. Up the butt.  Because that is what the pediatrician recommends.  Ultimately, when I took his temperature, it wasn't high enough to call the doc and now his body has cooled a bit, so he's fine.  But it was the whole experience of the temp-taking that is the subject of this post.  Because taking Miracle Man's temp was an all-out disgusting mess Adventure on the Planet of Poopy

I was still a bit sleepy when Prince Charming brought the thermometer to me (because he doesn't like doing it).  And instead of getting my lazy butt out of bed and doing this whole thing on the changing table in the boys' room, I decided...in my infinite wisdom...to take his temp on my bed.  I figured it wouldn't be too big of a deal, since I have one of those bed pads like what they put on your bed in the hospital...to ummmm...protect...the...bed.  Apparently they only work well if you put the entire baby on the pad.  Hmmm...note to self! 

Well, when I took off his diaper, it was just wet...and so I went ahead with The Plan.  Of course, with an old-fashioned thermometer you have to wait 3 minutes...which is a VERY long time to be risking it on My Bed

Sure enough, about 2 minutes into the thermometer up the butt thing, the little guy let loose.  Naturally, I hadn't noticed it right away.  In fact, it wasn't until I felt some warm wetness on my hand that I finally looked down and saw gobs of yellow poop all over the mattress pad.  All over his pajamas.  All over my hand.  All over my sheets.  Oh yeah, and all over my hand!  Yuck, yuck, and triple Yuck!

Oh the joys of being a parent!  :)

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