Thursday, January 5, 2012

Two Sleeping Babies

For my very first blog post, I thought I would just start out with what is on my mind right at this particular moment...my two, peacefully sleeping babies.  It is because they are finally settled down and napping that I have been able to start this blog.  And for that, I am very thankful.  But the other reason why I am so happy that my two babies are sleeping is because they are both sick.  When my daughter was a baby, it was always a challenge to make it through each illness unscathed.  And that was with just ONE baby.  With two, it is sooooo much more difficult to maintain my sanity...for several reasons...

For one thing, you have the part of you that is just so anxious to please them and make them comfortable.  I feel bad for the little guys.  They are just SO uncomfortable (the poor boys just can't stop crying) and I want to help them so badly.  They are having trouble sleeping, eating, and to some degree, breathing because they are incredibly congested.  And their coughs---holy moly!  They.sound.AWFUL!

The pediatrician thinks they may have a touch of the RSV thing...which can be pretty bad for an infant to get.  So, I worry, of course, that they will get sicker and sicker and possibly end up having a trip to the hospital.  And that would be the worry of any parent with an infant who has come down with this virus.  But then, I also have my little Miracle Man to worry about....see the post about Chub-Chub and Miracle Man to fully understand my concerns.  But with this RSV, antibiotics won't do anything and the pediatrician wants me to watch them carefully to make sure they aren't turning blue.  Yikes!!  There's another test toward my sanity.

This RSV thing is particularly a bit frustrating to me.  Since October, the pediatrician was trying to arrange for my little guys to receive a vaccination called Synagis.  It is meant to be used on infants to prevent RSV because it is more dangerous for them to get the virus than it would be for an older child or an adult.  Apparently, it is an extremely expensive vaccine that health insurance companies will only approve for babies with specific health concerns.  It is supposed to be given in a shot form monthly from the fall through the spring.  Our pediatrician wanted both of the boys to receive the vaccine because they were preemies and because their sister is a school-aged child who is bringing home all sorts of germs.  So far, though, the insurance has only agreed to cover Miracle Man.  And since it took so long for that to happen, unfortunately, he and Chub-Chub ended up contracting this virus only days before Miracle Man received his first dose of the vaccine.  Shame on the insurance company for dragging their heals for so long that he now has this!  And there isn't a thing I can do about it.  For now, it is a wait-and-see approach and hope for the best! 

It's funny how we sometimes have ideas in our heads about how things are "going to go".  Yesterday, for instance, I was under the false impression that I would take care of the boys AND do housework, possibly even run on my treadmill for 20 or 30 minutes while they napped.  Ha!  With one sick baby, that would have been hard enough, but with two, for-get-it!  Now, it's not that I couldn't do these things because they weren't on the same schedule...because they were.  They were just on the crying all day at the same time schedule! 

After yesterday's trials and tribulations, I decided that for today, I simply wouldn't have ANY goals.  I would just give in and camp-out in my bedroom with the boys.  I have everything I could possibly need right here with me and I am just taking care of them in between their naps.  I feel so much less stressed today!  Of course, I am not accomplishing any housework or getting any exercise, but at least I am not nearly as twitterpated!

So, while they are awake, I am doing everything I can to combat this illness and keep them comfortable, all while trying to keep me sane!  And while they are *BOTH* sleeping (yay!), I am taking some much-deserved "Me" time...starting out my blog.

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