Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Making Progress

Well, I never did do any weight lifting on Monday.  It was a very busy day with my sick boys.  I started to really worry about them and ended up scheduling an appointment with the pediatrician.  The appointment was yesterday and I had to go solo...uuugh!  It is quite a challenge to bring the twins to the doctor's by myself while they are so little, but we always do manage somehow!  In any case, I loaded the boys up into the car and made it there just in time. 

The doc checked them both over very thoroughly and decided that Chub-Chub would be fine with a little bit of an antibiotic.  He figured the illness had gone on too long and wanted to see if we could clear it up.  Miracle Man sounded way more congested to him, though and he couldn't tell if his lungs were a little rattly or not.  So, he sent us off to the hospital for an x-ray of Miracle Man's lungs--just.in.case. 

Luckily, his lungs looked clear and we were sent on our merry way to go pick up the prescriptions for both boys.  The doc had already called in all the scripts to the pharmacy for me so that I wouldn't have to wait around with the two sick babies.  Unfortunately and fortunately, (and I had not realized this) the boys hadn't had a prescription filled yet at our pharmacy.  When I got there, they needed all of the boys' information to process and had obviously not yet filled the prescriptions for me.  Oh man!  I ended up waiting for nearly 45 minutes.

By the time I finally made it home, it had been at least a 4 hour extravaganza and I was exhausted!  I also think I might be coming down with a touch of something and boy, I was wiped out.  At that point, I just gave up on the idea of running or working out for the day. 

So later on, when Prince Charming got home and asked me if I was going to go for a run, I was like, Are You Kidding Me?  I started whining about how I don't feel well and how tired I was and how I had to make dinner and all sorts of excuses.  Prince Charming offered to make the dinner and then he kept telling me I should just go do it.  And I continued to whine.  But the more he pressed me, and the more I thought about it, I finally figured I could at least go down in the basement and walk a mile or so on the treadmill...just do...something

Little Miss wanted to come downstairs with me and I figured it would be good for her to get on the treadmill for a walk, too.  And besides, it never hurts for her to see her momma exercising, being a good role model.  Well, within minutes of getting down there and getting all set, I actually started to feel more energized. 

Little Miss went on the treadmill first, while I lifted some of my free weights and did a bit of jump rope...and by a bit, I really mean just one minute.  I definitely could've done more, but I didn't want to get too tired before I made it onto the treadmill.  And on top of that, I wasn't sure how sore my calves would be today if I did more.  And since today is my birthday, I definitely didn't want to be all out of sorts and achy.

When my darling daughter was finished with her turn on the treadmill, I jumped on, ready to go!  I was revved up!  I got on and did 4 miles!  Wooohoooo!  And the best part is that I saw progress in my running...and I felt like it was HUGE progress!  I wasn't huffing and puffing as badly during the first two miles.  And I definitely didn't want to quit by mile 3.  In fact, I felt so great that I actually increased my speed!!  By the time I was finished, I was very proud of myself.  I ran 4 miles, faster than I had on Sunday!  Yipppeeeeee! 

Today, my joints are a bit sore and achy, but I feel like I could run at least 2 or 3 miles.  I'd like to run soon and shower soon so that I am ready for my birthday festivities by the early afternoon and I am trying to work in the run on the treadmill around the boys' napping schedule.  But so far, they just don't want to nap at the same time today...for now, I guess I will just do the laundry...and wait. 

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